5 Tips To Build A Wardrobe On A Cheap Budget

Every woman dreams of having the perfect wardrobe, although often our budget is quite limited. Here we have five top tips to help you build a new wardrobe without spending thousands.

  1. Find some key pieces which can be worn in a variety of different looks. Invest in a few different colored pairs of pants or jeans and pick tops which match all of them. So, you have just a few items but you can wear them in different combinations to have enough different outfits for a whole month! Pieces which can be worn for work or on a night out are also great. A classic LBD which can be styled in different ways for a daytime or evening look is ideal.
  2. If you love designer looks but can’t afford them, you could try shopping online for replica Gucci purses. Although the quality is not as high as the real thing, replicas still look great, almost identical to the real brands!
  3. Set a monthly budget you can realistically stick to. Decide which new items of clothing you need, and roughly how much they are going to cost. You can then prioritize and spend your monthly budget gradually buying all the pieces you want. This makes it much more affordable than having to spend hundreds on one day.
  4. Always check clearance rails when shopping for new clothes, and don’t be afraid to look in cheaper stores. Sometimes you can find great items in shops you would never have thought of using. Whilst the quality is sometimes lower, the clothes are usually very stylish and worth the money.
  5. Get a few key statement accessories which work well with a range of outfits. This will help upgrade your look and make you look and feel more expensive, without necessarily spending a lot.