How to Get Paintball Gear As a Beginner in 2019

From paintball loaders to paintball guns there is plenty of gear that can make paintball games fun. These are engaging games that are super fun to play in groups of different sizes. If you are a beginner you might find it easy to rent out gear. But eventually, you would have to stock up on your favorites. This would help you practice the game and get better at it. But before you take the plunge and splurge on paintball gear here are a few things to remember –

Start with a mask

It is about defending yourself after all. So invest in a good quality mask. Find a paintball mask that is neither too tight nor too loses. This would keep the mask in place even when you are moving around. Also, find the right size so that your visibility is not affected at any time. While offering protection from paint the mask should also offer healthy airflow to keep you comfortable throughout the game.

Find a good marker

A marker or a paintball gun can be deemed as a good one based on the level of comfort you feel while holding it. Find one that is easy to handle. Stay away from the heavy ones that might cause a strain on your arms and shoulders. These can impact your efficiency. Also, avoid buying expensive markers when you are still learning the game. Mechanical markers are low maintenance and they are also very cheap.

Air Tanks

Finally, you would also need the best air tanks. Compressed air, as well as CO2 tanks, are both very common in paintball games. If you are looking for something cheap then CO2 tanks are your best bets. Make sure that you choose an air tank that is compatible with the type of paintball marker you plan to buy.…