The Best 3-Day Camping Menu Planner And Grocery List

It is exciting to go for a 3-day camping in the forest.  One can enjoy the greenery, wildflowers, gushing streams and waterfalls, clouds etc.  If you are lucky you can view rare birds and animals.  It will serve as a happy outing.  But be planned to address those hunger pangs too.  Forest is not a place where you can drive to a nearby restaurant or store to buy things you need.  Hence stocking food becomes very important.

Planning the food is not an easy task as hunters go to dreamguides for buying their hunting gears.  But a little prudent planning will make the job easy.

Following points are to be taken care while planning the menu:

  1. Consider the different age groups and stocks has to be maintained accordingly.
  2. Consider the favorite items of the majority.
  3. Avoid items which might spill or invite pests while camping at the forest.

Breakfast:  Carry enough bread packs for breakfast.  You can make toasts, sandwiches out of bread easily.

Lunch:  You can have noodles and pizzas/hamburgers.

Sprouts and vegetable salads make a great way in gaining back those exhausted minerals and energy.   So do roasted nuts and seeds.  Stock yogurts to get the benefits of probiotics.

Dinner:  You can have fruit diet like bananas, dates, raisins, apples etc.  If you are lucky to catch fish from the streams you can cook them in the campfire. Don’t forget to pack those spices and salts.

Do not forget to carry the cooler.  It would be great to carry two coolers since the second one would serve as a spare.  More calories would be burnt due to walking.  Energy foods which contain more carbohydrates like potatoes would be of great help.  Carry more of citrus fruits for quenching thirst.  Fruits are an excellent way of regaining minerals and vital salts which could be lost due to perspiration.  Ensure that you carry all the essential stuff.  You can pack them in perishable paper bags and cardboard boxes so that those can be disposed of without environmental hazard.

Grocery list:

Here is the list of grocery.  The quantity can be filled according to the head counts.

Sandwich Bread

Pizza base

Hamburger bread

Cup noodles


Roasted nut packets

Roasted pumpkin seeds



Yogurt packs










Olive pickle

Pepper, oreganoand all the other spices required (differs from person to person)