These Are the Best Gifts and Toys for Toddlers in 2019

The age from one to three years is categorized as the toddler stage. In fact, this is the stage when they start to walk freely and thereby ascertain their independence. Further, they develop their motoring and other interactive skills and also would be interested in discovering the new corners and things kept on their way. Making them sit and play would be really challenging and so such potential toys would be handed over to them that thoroughly engages them by presenting new challenges.

Here are some educational gifts for two year olds that you can buy.

  • The mega-building block set. This toy comes with certain blocks that can be for structuring up many patterns. Even blocks with wheels are available that make it sitting for constructing vehicle models. Further, the blocks are presented with primary colors and inspire them to learn and identify these. Moreover, it develops the creativity side of their brain.
  • Woody alpha-numeral blocks that come in different shapes. This may precisely fit the play needs of your older toddler. This toy gently makes your kid focus on engineering skills and that involves figuring out and learning the names of different shapes, alphabets, and even numbers. They can also try out with the concept of trial and error method as some combination may stand firmly where the other might fall.
  • Fun to play the peekaboo pegs on the pounding bench. When your toddler hits these pegs with the light hammer like structure or the so-called mallet, these pegs goes down which is almost similar to hiding. Playing with such toys generates a curiosity inside your child for knowing the reason and effect of such situations.
  • Interesting activities and rhymes stocked toys. The attractive colored buttons would take your child to the world of exploring things, hearing good music and sounds, stories, lightings and more. Along with this, their many side fittings for twisting and turning that would engage your child right from using it.